Para Traductores

PhET simulations are currently accessible in up to 97 languages (see Translated Sims) and our website is accessible in 43 languages (as of December 2021).

Translating the PhET simulations and resources into other languages greatly expands our audience, and helps us accomplish the PhET mission. We welcome individuals with expertise in math and science teaching to help us in one of two ways:

  1. Request to be an independent PhET Trusted Translator by translating simulations, the website, or Teacher Tips (see instructions below). Request Trusted Translator Access.


  2. Apply to the PhET Translator Network (for African languages only), to be part of a facilitated community of translators with opportunities for small contracts to support translation. APPLY by 1 March 2022.

Translating HTML5 Simulations

PhET HTML5 sims can be easily translated through a web browser. Access to the HTML5 Translation Utility is limited to trusted translator accounts.

HTML5 Translation Utility

HTML5 simulation translation credits

Traducindo Simulacións

As simulacións PhET teñen sido escritas para ser facilmente traducidas a outras linguas. O proceso utiliza unha ferramenta simple chamada PhET Translation Utility, e non require de habilidades en programación.

Ao traducir as simulacións PhET a outras linguas esplallas de xeito importante a nosa audiencia, e axudas a acadar a PhET mission.

Traduciendo o Sitio Web

Este sitio web ten sido escrito para poder ser traducido a outras linguas. O sitio web pode ser traducido online co navegador, e ofrece vistas previas do resultado da tradución. No se requiren pois habilidades en programación. A interface de tradución online é só actualmente accesibel en inglés.

Translating Teacher Tips

The Teacher Tips associated with every sim can be translated by editing the original .pdf document and emailing a .pdf to for publication on the website. Instructions for translating PhET Teacher Tips.

Translation Issues

Have you noted a translation error, such as a word used in an inappropriate context? If so, please report it in this form.