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PhET proporciona simulacións baseadas en investigación divertidas e interactivas de fenómenos físicos gratutitas. Cremos que a nosas achádegos incorporandode investigacións previas permiten aos estudantes facer conexións entre fenómenos da vida real e a ciencia subxacente, profundizando a súa comprensión e aprecio polo mundo físico

Acerca de PhET: SImulacións de Fisica, Química, Bioloxía, Ciencias da Terra e Matemáticas online gratuitas.

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PhET has been the recipient of numerous awards:

More About PhET's Design

To help students engage in science and mathematics through inquiry, PhET simulations are developed using the following design principles:

  • Encourage scientific inquiry
  • Provide interactivity
  • Make the invisible visible
  • Show visual mental models
  • Include multiple representations (e.g., object motion, graphs, numbers, etc.)
  • Use real-world connections
  • Give users implicit guidance (e.g., by limiting controls) in productive exploration
  • Create a simulation that can be flexibly used in many educational situations

Several tools in the simulations provide an interactive experience:

  • Click and drag to interact with simulation features
  • Use sliders to increase and decrease parameters
  • Choose between options with radio buttons
  • Make measurements in your experiments with various instruments – rulers, stop-watches, voltmeters, and thermometers.

As users interact with these tools, they get immediate feedback about the effect of the changes they made. This allows them to investigate cause-and-effect relationships and answer scientific questions through exploration of the simulation. For more information, visit our research page.