PhET pakub füüsikanähtuste lõbusaid tasuta interaktiivseid uurimuspõhiseid simulatsioone. Usume, et meie uurimuspõhine lähenemine, mis kaasab eelnevate uurimuste ja meie oma testide tulemused, võimaldab õpilastel luua seoseid tegeliku elu nähtuste ning neid seletava teaduse vahel, süvendades õpilaste arusaamist ja taju füüsikamaailmast.

PhETist: tasuta veebipõhised füüsika, keemia, bioloogia, maateaduste ja matemaatika simulatsioonid

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PhET has been the recipient of numerous awards:

More About PhET's Design

To help students engage in science and mathematics through inquiry, PhET simulations are developed using the following design principles:

  • Encourage scientific inquiry
  • Provide interactivity
  • Make the invisible visible
  • Show visual mental models
  • Include multiple representations (e.g., object motion, graphs, numbers, etc.)
  • Use real-world connections
  • Give users implicit guidance (e.g., by limiting controls) in productive exploration
  • Create a simulation that can be flexibly used in many educational situations

Several tools in the simulations provide an interactive experience:

  • Click and drag to interact with simulation features
  • Use sliders to increase and decrease parameters
  • Choose between options with radio buttons
  • Make measurements in your experiments with various instruments – rulers, stop-watches, voltmeters, and thermometers.

As users interact with these tools, they get immediate feedback about the effect of the changes they made. This allows them to investigate cause-and-effect relationships and answer scientific questions through exploration of the simulation. For more information, visit our research page.