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Prevođenje HTML5 simulacija

PhET HTML5 simulacije sada mogu biti prevedene kroz preglednik. Kako biste zatražili pristup HTML5 alatu za prevođenje, molimo pošaljite e-mail

Zasluge za prevođenje HTML5 simulacije

Translating Java and Flash Simulations

PhET Java and Flash simulations have been written so that they are easily translated to languages other than English. The process uses a simple tool called the Java and Flash Translation Utility, and requires no programming skills.

Translating the PhET simulations into other languages greatly expands our target audience, and helps us accomplish the PhET mission.

Translating the Website

This website has been written so that it can be translated into other languages. The website can be translated online through the browser, and offers instant previews of the translated result. As with translating simulations, it requires no programming skills. The online translation interface is only currently available in English.

Translating Teacher Tips

The Teacher Tips associated with every sim can be translated by editing the original .pdf document and emailing a .pdf to for publication on the website. Please send .pdf documents only. Note that for some simulations, translated tips will not be uploaded until the sim is translatable.