Beer's Law Lab - Guided Inquiry Activity A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Izenburua Beer's Law Lab - Guided Inquiry Activity
Deskribapena The learning goals of this guided-inquiry activity are as follows: Students will be able to, (a) Describe the relationship between solution concentration and the intensity of light that is absorbed/transmitted; (b) Explain how wavelength, solution color, and absorbance are related by comparing different solutions; and (c) Use a sketch of an absorption spectrum to describe the concept of maximum absorbance wavelength. This activity was originally developed for a recitation/tutorial which precedes a wet lab on FeNCS2+ spectroscopy. Instructors can edit the last question to refer a solution the students will use in a lab or demo, or use it as is to serve as an extension question even if no benchtop lab will be performed. There is a remote lesson that could be used by individual students if an in class setting is not available.
Gaia Kimika
Maila Oinarrizko hezkuntza - Sarrera
Mota Gidatutako jarduera, Lab, Urrutiko Ikaskuntza
Iraupena 60 minutes
Erantzunak barne Ez
Hizkuntza Ingelesa
Gako-hitzak absorbance, beer's law, concentration, light, spectroscopy
Simulazioa(k) Beer-en legea (HTML5), Beer-en Legea

Autorea(k) Susan Hendrickson, Julia Chamberlain
Kontaktu-posta eletronikoa
Eskola / Erakundea PhET
Bidaltze-data 11/5/14
Eguneratze-data 4/6/20