Exploring Area and Perimeter

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标题 Exploring Area and Perimeter
描述 Students will walk through a guided activity using the Area Builder simulation. The activity is made up of three phases: exploration, explanation, and challenge. There is also an exit ticket (assessment) to prove student learning. The essential questions include: How is the area of a figure determined? How is the perimeter of a figure determined? Is it possible for two shapes to have the same areas but different perimeters? How?Is it possible for two shapes to have the same perimeters but different areas? How?
科目 数学
等级 K-5
类型 指导活动
持续时间 30 分钟
语言 英语
关键词 area, challenge, explanation, exploration, perimeter
仿真程序 区域建造者 (HTML5)

作者 Jill Minello
学校/组织 Hunter College
提交日期 20-3-8
更新日期 20-3-8