Conservation of Energy 1 Energy Skate Park introduction (Inquiry Based) A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Наслов Conservation of Energy 1 Energy Skate Park introduction (Inquiry Based)
Опис This is an inquiry based activity as an introduction to Kinetic and Gravitational Potential energy. Learning Goals: Students will be able to 1) explain the Conservation of Mechanical Energy concept using kinetic and gravitational potential energy 2) design a skate park using the concept of Mechanical energy There are some clicker questions included and the tracks that I used for them. There is the first in a series of three Skate Park activities. The other two have more quantitative learning goals. This has not been updated for the html5 version, but could be used on the playground screen.
Субјект Физика
Ниво High School (Виша школа), Основне студије - Увод
Тип Лаб
Трајање 60 минута
Укључен одговор Не
Језик Енглески
Кључне речи Energy, Work, friction, motion, phet activity
Симулације Енергија у скејт парку (HTML5), Енергија у скејт-парку

Аутори: Trish Loeblein
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