Light Emission and Lasers

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Tựa đề Light Emission and Lasers
Mô tả This in-class work (ICW) is used in a university non-math "How Things Work" course (replacing the lecture). It is designed to accompany section 14.3 in Bloomfield's text (3rd ed). It uses the "Models of the Hydrogen Atom" and "Lasers" simulations. Note: I really preferred the older edition of the Lasers simulation for this activity... if anyone has it, I'd love to get a copy! I liked the representation of IR photons better because they looked more "invisible", and I think the settings were nicer to get clear cases of spontaneous and stimulated emission effects as dependent on light intensity and state lifetime. Contact me for solutions (or if you have a copy of the old sim!).
Chủ đề Vật lý
Cấp độ High School, Undergrad - Intro
Loại Khác, Lab
Thời gian 90 phút
Bao gồm câu trả lời No
Ngôn ngữ Anh
Từ khoá absorption, emission, lifetime of states, sponataneous absorption, stimulated emission
Mô phỏng Mô hình Nguyên tử Hydrogen, Lasers

Tác giả Debra Krause Dandaneau
Trường / Tổ chức University of Tennessee
Ngày đăng ký 17/04/2009
Ngày cập nhật 17/04/2009