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Başlık Balancing Chemical Equations - Inquiry based Introduction
Açıklama The remote lab has been added and aligns with the HTML5 sim version and includes use of the game screen. Learning Goals - Students will be able to: •Describe what “reactants” and “products” in a chemical equation mean. •Explain the importance of knowing the difference between “coefficients” and “subscripts”. •Use pictures and calculations to show how the number of atoms for each product or reactant is found. •Identify the relationship between “reactants” and “products” atoms. •Balance a chemical equation using the relationships identified. •Given a chemical equation, draw molecular representations of the reaction and explain how the representations were derived. •Given a molecular drawing of a chemical reaction, write the equation and explain how the symbols were derived.
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Seviye Lisans - Giriş, Lise, Ortaokul
Tür Laboratuvar, Multiple-Choice Concept Questions, Remote Learning, Ödev
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Anahtar Kelimeler atoms, balanced, consevation of mass, game, molecules, phet, reactions, remote
Benzetimler Kimyasal Reaksiyonları Denkleştirme (HTML5), Kimyasal Reaksiyonları Denkleştirme

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