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Partner with PhET

Transform your educational products with PhET's award-winning collection of interactive simulations.

Bring Interactivity to Your Products

  • Add rich HTML5 content to your product, with 85+ award-winning STEM simulations
  • Choose from translations in 90+ languages
  • Support educators with Teacher Tips

Leverage PhET's Globally Recognized Brand

  • Market your product using the strength of the PhET name and logo
  • Announce your new products on our mailing list, with 200,000+ educators

Integrate with Ease

  • Utilize the metadata service to instantly populate a library of interactives
  • Access 10 hours of technical and/or pedagogical support

Connect with the PhET Team

  • Enjoy a direct communication channel about updates, new features, and more
  • Attain early access to new simulations and other emerging products

Realize High Value at Low Cost

  • Benefit from millions invested in design, development, and testing
  • Let PhET handle simulation maintenance via automatic updates

PhET Sims are amazing! They have supported my teaching for over 12 years!

-Phil B, Assistant Head Teacher, UK

I love using PhET sims to introduce new concepts or provide practice!

-Brittney M, STEM Teacher, USA

100% engagement during this PhET simulator inquiry of rates and unit rates!

-Angel H, 6th Grade Teacher, USA

PhET never ceases to impress me. ... There's a serious calculation engine behind the graphics.

-Gethyn J, Physics Teacher, UK

Create STEM products teachers love

Leverage 15 years of simulation leadership and research through a PhET partnership, and transform your education products.