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Plinko Probability

Plinko Probability simulation


  • ความน่าจะเป็น
  • สถิติ
  • ฮีสโตแกรม

Sample Learning Goals

  • Predict the bin where a single ball might fall
  • Repeat trials of 100 balls and compare the outcomes
  • Count the number of balls in a bin and relate that to the probability of falling in that bin
  • Compare and interpret empirical and theoretical statistics
  • Apply the plinko simulation as a model to other scenarios where there are weighted statistics

Standards Alignment

Common Core - Math

  • HSS-ID.A.2

  • HSS-ID.A.1

  • HSS-IC.A.2

  • 7.SP.C.6

  • 7.SP.C.5

  • 6.SP.B.5c

  • 6.SP.B.4

  • 6.SP.A.2

  • System Requirements


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    Version 1.1.20