MS and HS TEK to Sim Alignment

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Titlu MS and HS TEK to Sim Alignment
Descriere These files align simulations to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Science Grades 5-8, and High School -Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The word documents provide a condensed version of PhET sim and TEKS alignment and the Excel files provide additional key words that match TEKS with sims. These documents are the result of my own reviews and have not been peered reviewed. I hope you will find this useful.
Subiect Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Nivel High School, Middle School
Tip Other
Răspunsuri incluse No
Limbă English
Cuvinte cheie TEK
Simularea Acid-Base Solutions (HTML5), Soluții acido-bazice, Dezintegrare alfa, Area Builder (HTML5), Arithmetic (HTML5), Aritmetica, Atomic Interactions (HTML5), Interacţiuni atomice, Echilibrul (HTML5), Echilibrul, Balancing Chemical Equations (HTML5), Balancing Chemical Equations, Baloane şi plutirea, Baloanele si Electricitatea Statica (HTML5), Baloanele si Electricitatea Statica, Battery-Resistor Circuit, Voltaj Baterie, Beer's Law Lab (HTML5), Beer's Law Lab, Refracția luminii (HTML5), Refracţia luminii, Dezintegrare beta, Blackbody Spectrum (HTML5), Blackbody Spectrum, Stare cuantică legată, Build a Fraction, Build a Molecule, Build an Atom (HTML5), Construieste-ti un ATOM, Flotabilitate, Calculus Grapher, Laboratorul cu condensatoare, Charges and Fields (HTML5), Sarcini si Campuri Electrice, Trusa de Constructie Circuite (DC si AC), Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC), Virtual Lab, Trusa de Constructie Circuite (doar DC), Circuit Construction Kit (DC Only), Virtual Lab, Collision Lab, Vederea în culori (HTML5), Vederea în culori, Concentration (HTML5), Concentration, Conductivitate, Groapa dublă şi banda covalentă, Curve Fitting, Davisson-Germer: Electron Diffraction, Densitate, Neon Lights & Other Discharge Lamps, Eating & Exercise, camp e, Hockey Electric, Formele energiei si schimbarile sale (HTML5), Formele energiei si schimbarile sale, Energia parcului de Skate, Energia pe terenul de skate. Baze teoretice (HTML5), Energia parcului de Skate: Baza, Estimation, Laboratorul Electromagnetic al lui Faraday, Legea lui Faraday (HTML5), Legea lui Faraday, Fluid Pressure and Flow, Forces in 1 Dimension, Mişcarea cu frecare, Forces and Motion: Basics (HTML5), Forța și Mișcarea: Elementar, Fourier: Making Waves, Fraction Matcher (HTML5), Fraction Matcher, Fractions Intro, Frecarea (HTML5), Friction, Gas Properties (HTML5), Proprietăţile gazului, Gene Expression - The Basics, Gene Machine: The Lac Operon, Generator, Optica Geometrică, Glaciers, Graphing Lines (HTML5), Graphing Lines, Equation Grapher, Gravitatia si Orbitele (HTML5), Gravitatia si Orbitele, Gravity Force Lab (HTML5), Gravity Force Lab, The Greenhouse Effect, Models of the Hydrogen Atom, Izotopi si masa atomica, Travoltaj (HTML5), Travoltaj, Ladybug Motion 2D, Lasers, Least-Squares Regression (HTML5), Lunar Lander, Magnet si Busola, Magneti si Electromagneti, Masses and Springs (HTML5), Masses & Springs, Maze Game, Membrane Channels, Microwaves, Molarity (HTML5), Molarity, Molecular Motors, Molecule Polarity, Molecule Shapes (HTML5), Molecule Shapes, Molecule Shapes: Basics (HTML5), Molecule Shapes: Basics, Moleculele și lumina (HTML5), Molecules and Light, Motion in 2D, The Moving Man, Simplified MRI, Sistemul meu Solar, Natural Selection, Neuron, Normal Modes, Fisiune nucleară, Legea lui Ohm (HTML5), Legea lui Ohm, Optical Quantum Control, Optical Tweezers and Applications, Pendulum Lab (HTML5), Pendulum Lab, pH Scale (HTML5), pH Scale, pH Scale: Basics (HTML5), Efectul fotoelectric, Plate Tectonics, Plinko Probability, Projectile Motion (HTML5), Projectile Motion, Quantum Tunneling and Wave Packets, Quantum Wave Interference, Radiating Charge, Undele Radio, Joc de datare radioactivă, Mişcarea pe planul înclinat, Reactants, Products and Leftovers (HTML5), Reactants, Products and Leftovers, Reactions & Rates, Rezistenta intr-un cablu (HTML5), Rezistenta intr-un cablu, Resonance, Reacţie reversibilă, Ladybug Revolution, Rutherford Scattering, Self-Driven Particle Model, Semiconductori, Semnal Circuit, Salts & Solubility, Sound, States of Matter (HTML5), Stări de agregare, States of Matter: Basics (HTML5), Stări de agregare - Introducere, Stern-Gerlach Experiment, Stretching DNA, Sugar and Salt Solutions, Planul înclinat, Torque, Under Pressure (HTML5), Under Pressure, Vector Addition, Wave Interference (HTML5), Wave Interference, Unde in fire (HTML5), Wave on a String

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