Moving Man (Inquiry Based) O steluță de aur indică activități de înaltă calitate, bazate pe investigație, care respectă orientările de proiectare PhET.

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Titlul Moving Man (Inquiry Based)
Descriere The students will use the simulation to learn the goals through an inquiry approach. There is a pre/post test provided. Learning Goal: Students will be able to accurately interpret and draw position, velocity and acceleration graphs for common situations. Also they will be able to use their own reasoning explain why the graphs look the way. Also, I have included how the lesson maps to the PhET Activity Guidelines
Disciplina Fizică
Nivel Liceu
Tip Laborator, Întrebări conceptuale
Durata 30 minute
Răspunsuri incluse Nu
Limba Engleză
Cuvinte cheie Motion, accleration, graph, math, phet activity, position, velocity
Simulare(i) The Moving Man

Autor(i) Trish Loeblein
Școală / Organizație PhET CU Boulder
Data transmiterii 30.07.2005
Data actualizării 07.07.2013