Moving Man (Inquiry Based) A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Título Moving Man (Inquiry Based)
Descrição The students will use the simulation to learn the goals through an inquiry approach. There is a pre/post test provided. Learning Goal: Students will be able to accurately interpret and draw position, velocity and acceleration graphs for common situations. Also they will be able to use their own reasoning explain why the graphs look the way. Also, I have included how the lesson maps to the PhET Activity Guidelines
Assunto Física
Nível Ensino Secundário
Tipo Laboratório, Questões Conceptuais
Duração 30 minutos
Respostas Incluídas Não
Idioma English
Palavras Chave Motion, accleration, graph, math, phet activity, position, velocity
Simulações Movimento

Autores Trish Loeblein
Escola / Organização PhET CU Boulder
Submetido 30-07-2005
Atualizado 07-07-2013