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Gravity Force Lab_萬有引力實驗室

Gravity Force Lab_萬有引力實驗室 simulation


  • Gravitational Force
  • Inverse Square Law
  • Force Pairs
  • Newton's Third Law

Sample Learning Goals

  • ●將重力和物體的質量、距離作關聯
  • ●以重力的角度解釋牛頓第三定律
  • ●設計一個實驗,使你能夠推導出一個與質量、距離和重力相關的方程式
  • ●運用測量算出萬有引力常數

Inclusive Features

  • Alternative Input;

    Alternative Input

  • Sound and Sonification;

    Sound and Sonification

  • Interactive Description;

    Interactive Description

  • Interactive Description on Mobile Devices;

    Interactive Description on Mobile Devices

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System Requirements


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