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Grabitazio-indarraren laborategia

Grabitazio-indarraren laborategia simulation


  • Indar grabitatorioa
  • Alderantzizko karratuen legea
  • Indar-pareak
  • Newton en hirugarren legea

Sample Learning Goals

  • Relate gravitational force to masses of objects and distance between objects.
  • Explain Newton's third law for gravitational forces.
  • Design experiments that allow you to derive an equation that relates mass, distance, and gravitational force.
  • Use measurements to determine the universal gravitational constant.

Inclusive Features

  • Alternative Input;

    Alternative Input

  • Sound and Sonification;

    Sound and Sonification

  • Interactive Description;

    Interactive Description

  • Interactive Description on Mobile Devices;

    Interactive Description on Mobile Devices

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System Requirements


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