Discover a Spring "Stretching Law" (Hooke

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标题 Discover a Spring "Stretching Law" (Hooke
描述 Inquirey based learning to discover Hooke's Law The student is not told the name of the law as to prevent he or she from simply looking this up from a resource. This activity should be used before the students have been taught anything, including the name, of Hooke's Law.
科目 物理学
等级 高中
类型 实验室
持续时间 60 分钟
语言 英语
关键词 Algebra, Equations
仿真程序 重物和弹簧

作者 Michael Poynter
学校/组织 Evergreen High School, Evergreen, Colorado
提交日期 06-11-29
更新日期 07-9-18