Discover a Spring "Stretching Law" (Hooke

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Titel Discover a Spring "Stretching Law" (Hooke
Beschreibung Inquirey based learning to discover Hooke's Law The student is not told the name of the law as to prevent he or she from simply looking this up from a resource. This activity should be used before the students have been taught anything, including the name, of Hooke's Law.
Thema Physik
Niveau Sekundarstufe II
Typ Praktikum
Dauer 60 Minuten
Antwort enthalten Nein
Sprache Englisch
Stichworte Algebra, Equations
Simulation(en) Massen und Spiralfedern

Autoren Michael Poynter
Schule / Organisation Evergreen High School, Evergreen, Colorado
Eingereicht am 29.11.06
Aktualisiert am 18.09.07