Describing Location and Movement A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Наслов Describing Location and Movement
Опис This activity directly addresses core mathematics and science ideas in elementary education. However, the concept of distance versus displacement must often be introduced/reintroduced in middle and high school in advance of the study of motion in order to build up the concept of vectors, which undergirds both advanced mathematics and science.
Субјект Физика
Ниво High School (Виша школа), Middle School (Средња школа)
Тип Guided Activity, Remote Learning, Лаб
Трајање 60 минута
Укључен одговор Не
Језик Енглески
Кључне речи displacement, distance, position
Симулације Бројевна права: Удаљеност (HTML5)

Аутори: Rebecca Vieyra
Школа / Организација PhET Interactive Simulations
Послато 15.12.21.
Обновљено 7.6.22.