Guided lab with instructions, screenshots and questions

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Гарчиг Guided lab with instructions, screenshots and questions
Тайлбар Quarantine inspired lab sequence for Light. I used this with video chat, could possibly be done fully independently. Total time to complete 3 hours ish. Faster for review. Best used interjected with teacher summary / other notes. 1: Reflection 2 Refraction 3 Critical angle 4 “Realistic” Practical (Into more dense) 5 “Realistic” Practical (into LESS dense) 6 The PHYSICS (Velocity change) 7 The Dark side of the PhET [Dispersion] 8 Rainbows (Extension)
Судлагдахуун Физик
Түвшин Ахлах анги, Дунд анги
Төрөл Remote Learning, Лаб, Удирдамжтай үйл ажиллагаа
Үргэлжлэх хугацаа 120 минут
Багтаасан хариултууд Үгүй
Хэл Англи
Түлхүүр үгс bending light, dispersion, practical, reflection, refraction
Загварчлал(ууд) Гэрлийн хугарал (HTML5)

Зохиогч(д) Paul Torrington
Сургууль / Байгууллага Lucaya International School
Баталсан өдөр 4/19/20
Шинэчилсэн өдөр 4/19/20