Electric Field Lab

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Наслов Electric Field Lab
Опис This lab will find the students developing a better understanding of electric fields. Students will find and compare the electric field around a charge. They will then use proportional reasoning to develop a deeper understanding of the inverse square law. Lasty they will gain additional practice on how to add electric field vectors.
Предмет Физика
Ниво Висока школа, Додипломски - Вовед
Тип Discussion Prompts, Guided Activity, Remote Learning, Домашна работа, Лабораторија
Траење 60 минути
Одговорите се вклучени Не
Јазик Англиски
Клучни зборови Coulomb's Law, Electric Field, Electric Forces, Vectors
Симулации Charges and Fields (HTML5)

Автори David Wirth
Школо / Организација Millennium High School Science Department
Поставено 10.6.20
Обновено 10.6.20