HTML5 程序:



iOS 8+ Safari




Windows 系统:

Macintosh 系统:
OS 10.9.5 或之后的系统版本,Safari 9+版本,或者火狐浏览器,谷歌浏览器的最新版本均支持我们的程序。

Linux 系统:
无官方支持。请联系[email protected]

Java and Flash 程序:

Java 与 Flash程序可以在PC端,mac端,及linux系统上运行。具体的系统配置要求如下:

Windows 系统:
Windows 10, 8.1, 7
内存: 256 MB
浏览器: 微软Edge浏览器,IE 11浏览器,火狐浏览器,谷歌浏览器

Macintosh 系统:
Mac OS X 10.9.5+

Linux 系统:
Oracle Linux 5.5+1
Oracle Linux 6.x (32位), 6.x (64位)2
Oracle Linux 7.x (64位)2
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5+1, 6.x (32位), 6.x (64位)2
Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS, 13.x
Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2+, 11.x
浏览器: 火狐,谷歌

PhET Java simulations will run on most PC, Mac, and Linux systems.

Adobe has announced the end-of-life of Flash and beginning January 1, 2021, you will no longer be able to run PhET’s Flash sims on modern web browsers.

PhET relies on donations from users like you to fund our conversions to HTML5. If you haven't already, please consider donating to our project so that we are able to continue converting your favorite sims.

Java System Requirements

Windows Systems:
Windows 10, 8.1, 7
RAM: 256 MB
Browsers: Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Chrome
Latest version of Java

Macintosh Systems:
macOS 10.9.5+
Administrator privileges for installation.
A 64-bit browser (Safari, Firefox, or Chrome for example) is required to run Oracle Java on Mac OS.
Latest version of Java

Linux Systems:
Oracle Linux 5.5+1
Oracle Linux 6.x (32-bit), 6.x (64-bit)2
Oracle Linux 7.x (64-bit)2
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5+1, 6.x (32-bit), 6.x (64-bit)2
Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS, 13.x
Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2+, 11.x
Browsers: Firefox, Chrome
Latest version of Java

PhET has partnered with Leaning Technologies to allow our legacy Java simulations to run in a web browser via a technology called CheerpJ.

Some simulations have specific features that are not supported in the CheerpJ version. Please see sim-specific documentation.

CheerpJ System Requirements

Internet access
Windows: Chrome, Edge
Mac: Chrome, Safari
Chromebook: Chrome
iPad: Safari (see sim-specific compatibility)
Mobile phones: not recommended


PhET程序使用了Java,Flash和HTML5这三种编程语言。电脑系统操作每一种编程语言的方式是不同的,因而您的设备可能只能运行一种语言而无法运行其他的语言。请参考Windows, Mac等,找到解决方案。




当您成功安装了Java,点击“运行”会自动下载 .jnlp文件。如果您看到任何关于下载文件的提示,请点击“继续”。下载完成后,您需要进入文件夹打开.jnlp文件。如果您遇到任何问题,请看 这里。

HTML5 Prototypes are published prior to final sim publication to allow students and teachers to access the HTML5 version of a simulation as soon as possible. Prototype sims are not feature complete and are subject to changes. These versions also haven’t been fully tested, so you may find bugs or other issues. OneNote does not support embedding these prototypes.

Prototypes are published using the same URL address as the final published sim so that linked used in activities and provided to students don't need to be edited when the final version of the sim is published.

通过打开一个运行的HTML5提交一份详细的系统报告,复制/粘贴“报告问题”, 并将信息发送到邮箱[email protected]:

  1. 电击PhET菜单(3横行) (3 horizontal lines)
  2. 点击“报告一个问题…”
  3. 复制/粘贴结果发送一封电子邮件至[email protected](确定不要编辑“疑难解答信息”部分