Introduction to Vectors

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Tựa đề Introduction to Vectors
Mô tả This activity is designed to be used by students who are not already familiar with vectors. I used it as a precursor to the graphic method os adding vectors and the mathematical method of adding vectors. I found that the students were much more compotent with visualizing what these vectors were and how they worked than in the past when the simulation was not used.
Chủ đề Toán, Vật lý
Cấp độ High School
Loại Lab
Thời gian 30 phút
Bao gồm câu trả lời No
Ngôn ngữ Anh
Từ khoá Vectors
Mô phỏng Cộng Vector

Tác giả Katherine Frett
Trường / Tổ chức Green Mountain High School
Ngày đăng ký 29/09/2006
Ngày cập nhật 29/09/2006