Lab: PhET Sugar and Salt Solutions

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Наслов Lab: PhET Sugar and Salt Solutions
Опис This activity guides a student, group of students, or a class through an exploration of the Sugar and Salt Solution sim. The idea is to introduce the concept of electrolytes and non-electrolytes and what differentiates them at the molecular scale. Prior to doing the activity it may be helpful to demonstrate to students a physical conductivity tester, showing how the light bulb lights only when there is a power source and there is an electrolyte dissolved in the water. If I have made any changes to the activity they will be shown on the live version of this document at
Субјект Биологија, Наука о Земљи, Хемија
Ниво High School (Виша школа), Middle School (Средња школа), Основне студије - Увод
Тип Discussion Prompts, Guided Activity, Лаб
Трајање 30 минута
Укључен одговор Не
Језик Енглески
Кључне речи conduct, dissolve, electrolyte, ion, molecule, non-electrolyte
Симулације Раствори шећера и соли

Аутори: Aaron Keller
Школа / Организација Scarborough High School
Послато 5.2.20.
Обновљено 5.2.20.