Lab: PhET Sugar and Salt Solutions

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Titre Lab: PhET Sugar and Salt Solutions
Description This activity guides a student, group of students, or a class through an exploration of the Sugar and Salt Solution sim. The idea is to introduce the concept of electrolytes and non-electrolytes and what differentiates them at the molecular scale. Prior to doing the activity it may be helpful to demonstrate to students a physical conductivity tester, showing how the light bulb lights only when there is a power source and there is an electrolyte dissolved in the water. If I have made any changes to the activity they will be shown on the live version of this document at
Sujet Biologie, Chimie, Science de la Terre
Niveau Collège, Lycée, Premier cycle - Intro
Type Activité guidée, Invite de discussion, Labo
Durée 30 minutes
Réponses incluses Non
Langue Anglais
Mots clés conduct, dissolve, electrolyte, ion, molecule, non-electrolyte
Simulation(s) Solutions de sucre et de sel

Auteur(s) Aaron Keller
Ecole / Organisation Scarborough High School
Date de soumission 05/02/20
Date de mise à jour 05/02/20