Notre équipe

Photo of Kathy
Kathy Perkins
As Director, Kathy oversees the project, sets new strategic directions, and still satisfies her passion for sim design and pedagogy as an active member of PhET projects. She holds a BA in physics, MA in chemistry, and PhD in atmospheric science, all from Harvard University. ... MORE
Photo of Carl
Carl Wieman
Founder, Senior Advisor
Carl founded the PhET Interactive Simulations project in 2002 – then known as the “Physics Education Technology” project. Today, he is a senior advisor to PhET and is a Professor at Stanford University, where he actively researches PhET simulations as tools in STEM learning ... MORE

Membres de l'équipe

Photo of Issam
Issam Ali
Visiting Scholar
Development · physics
Isam is visiting the PhET group for a year and will be working on simulatio... MORE
Photo of John
John Blanco
Software Developer
Development · Sim Design
John has been developing simulations for PhET since 2008 and has created si... MORE
Photo of Jeffrey
Jeffrey Bush
Graduate student
math · research · curriculum · teacher pd
Jeff works as a graduate research assistant on the PhET project, investigat... MORE
Photo of Kathy Li
Kathy Li Dessau
Associate Director
Fundraising · Marketing · Communications
Kathy helps PhET with corporate relations, licensing, fundraising, and comm... MORE
Photo of Michael
Michael Dubson
Physics Faculty
Sim Design · Development · Physics · College
Mike is an experienced physics teacher and an expert in undergraduate curri... MORE
Photo of Brett
Brett Fiedler
Science Education Researcher
Research · Partnerships · Accessibility
Brett researches and designs new multimodal features for PhET simulations, ... MORE
Photo of Jesse
Jesse Greenberg
Software Developer
Development · Sim Design · Accessibility
Jesse works on porting PhET simulations to HTML5 and assists in the develop... MORE
Photo of Michael
Michael Kauzmann
Software Developer
Development · Website · Science
Michael joined PhET with a summer internship in 2015. Then after graduating... MORE
Photo of Chris
Chris Klusendorf
software developer
development · sim design · website
Chris joined PhET during summer of 2018 after graduating from Colorado Coll... MORE
Photo of Diana
Diana López
Latin America Specialist
Physics · Teacher PD · Sim Design
Diana has been collaborating with PhET since 2017 working on the design of ... MORE
Photo of Amanda
Amanda McGarry
Math Specialist
Math · Sim Design · Teacher PD · Curriculum · Website
Amanda currently leads PhET’s math sim design and teacher partnership initi... MORE
Photo of Emily B.
Emily B. Moore
Director of Research and Accessibility
PI · Research · Accessibility · Teacher PD · Chemistry
Emily leads research into the design and use of PhET simulations, and the d... MORE
Photo of Ashton
Ashton Morris
Sound Designer
Audio · Accessibility · Sim Design
Ashton is a sound designer who contributes creative audio implementation at... MORE
Photo of Oliver
Oliver Nix
Business Manager
Finances · Admin · Website · Communications
Oliver handles day to day operations for the project and interacts with use... MORE
Photo of Jonathan
Jonathan Olson
Software Developer
Development · Sim Design · Website
Jonathan works on libraries like Scenery that are used for development, in ... MORE
Photo of Robert
Robert Parson
Chemistry Faculty
Curriculum · Research · Sim Design · Chemistry
Robert joined the PhET project in 2008 after serving as the chemistry direc... MORE
Photo of Ariel
Ariel Paul
Director of Development
Physics · Sim Design · Management
Ariel oversees the design and development of PhET’s simulations. He receive... MORE
Photo of Matt
Matt Pennington
Software Developer
Development · Website · Mobile
Matt joined the PhET team in late 2015. He works on website and mobile app... MORE
Photo of Argenta
Argenta Price
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Research · K-16 · Biology
Argenta is a postdoctoral researcher with Carl Wieman. She researches how s... MORE
Photo of Sam
Sam Reid
Software Developer
Development · Sim Design
Sam has been developing PhET simulations and infrastructure since 2002. He ... MORE
Photo of Amy
Amy Rouinfar
Science Specialist
Physics · Sim Design · Teacher PD · IRB
Amy works on simulation design at PhET. In addition to leading sim design ... MORE
Photo of Nancy
Nancy Salpepi
QA Specialist
QA · Chemistry
Nancy joined the PhET team in the summer of 2021, working in quality assura... MORE
Photo of Taliesin
Taliesin Smith
Accessibility Specialist
Accessibility · Research · Sim Design
Taliesin Smith joined PhET to continue research on making PhET simulations ... MORE
Photo of David
David Webb
Math Education Faculty
Math · Research · Curriculum · Teacher PD
David has been supporting the PhET project since 2014, and is a co-PI on th... MORE
Photo of R. Michael
R. Michael Winters
Sonification Design Researcher
Research · Accessibility · Sim Design · Tech
Mike has been working with the PhET team since 2017, contributing to the de... MORE
Photo of Kathryn
Kathryn Woessner
QA Team Lead
QA · Physics
Katie joined the PhET team in the summer of 2018. She works on Quality Assu... MORE

Assistants étudiants

Photo of Jaspe
Jaspe Hernandez
QA · translation
Photo of Megan
Megan Lai
QA · Graphic Design
Photo of Brandon
Brandon Li
Photo of Danish
Danish Mohammed
Development · Website
Photo of Liam
Liam Mulhall
Development · QA
Photo of Jacob
Jacob Romero
Photo of Saurabh
Saurabh Totey


Susan Badger
Consultant · Badger Consulting Group, LLC
Chris Malley
Software Development · Pixelzoom, Inc.
Cheryl McCutchan
Graphic Design ·
Sam McKagan
Education Consultant · McKagan Enterprises, Inc.
Shawna Schultz
Multimedia · Mass FX Media



Carrie Bruce
Senior Research Scientist · School of Interactive Computing - Georgia Institute of Technology
Clayton Lewis
Professor, Computer Science · University of Colorado Boulder
Jutta Treviranus
Professor / Director · Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University
Bruce Walker
Professor/ Director Sonification Lab · School of Psychology and the School of Interactive Computing - Georgia Institute of Technology

Évaluation et interopérabilité

Cognitive and Learning Sciences Center
Assessment · Educational Testing Services, Inc.
Ido Roll
Senior Manager: Research and Evaluation · University of British Columbia
Dan Schwartz
Professor, Learning Sciences · Stanford University
Doug Stein
Chief Technology Officer · Metacog, Inc.

Enseignements des maths

Karina K. Hensberry
Assistant Professor, Math Education · University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Corinne Singleton
Evaluator · SRI International, Inc.
Ian Whitacre
Assistant Professor, Math Education · Florida State University

Enseignements de la Physique

Noah Finkelstein
Professor, Physics Education Research · University of Colorado Boulder

Bureaux de l'Université du Colorado Boulder

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Payroll, benefits, and human resource management
OIT Center of Excellence
Salesforce implementation
OIT Shared Infrastructure Services
Server management
Office of Advancement
Fundraising and donation management
Office of Contracts and Grants
Grant and contract preparation and administration
Research Administration and Support
Institutional review board for oversight of human research
Sponsored Projects Accounting
Financial administration of sponsored research
Strategic Relations
Salesforce-based electronic communication
Technology Transfer Office
Licensing agreements and partnerships
University Counsel
Legal review; Trademark administration