Ohm's Law

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Titlul Ohm's Law
Descriere In this experiment the student will verify Ohm's Law by studying the relationship between the electric current passing through a resistance and the potential difference across it. Also by using Ohm's law student can find the equivalent resistance of the different combinations of resistors. Then student can distinguish between the Ohmic resistor and the non‐Ohmic resistor.
Disciplina Fizică
Nivel Licențiat - Intro, Liceu
Tip Laborator, Învățare la distanță
Durata 120 minute
Răspunsuri incluse Nu
Limba Engleză
Cuvinte cheie Ammeter, Ohm's Law, Resistor, Rheostat - Variable Resistor, Voltmeter
Simulare(i) Kit construcție circuite: curent continuu (HTML5), Kit Construcție Circuite: Curent Continuu - Laborator Virtual (HTML5)

Autor(i) Omar Adwan
Școală / Organizație University of Sharjah
Data transmiterii 02.06.2020
Data actualizării 02.06.2020