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Хар биеийн Спектр

Хар биеийн Спектр simulation


  • Хар бие
  • Planck's Law
  • Wien's Law
  • Цахилгаан соронзон Цацрал
  • Квант Механик
  • Астроном

Sample Learning Goals

  • Describe what happens to the blackbody spectrum as you increase or decrease the temperature. What happens to the shape of the curve and the peak of this curve?
  • Describe the blackbody spectrum of a light bulb. Why do light bulbs get hot? Do they seem efficient?
  • Imagine that you see 2 hot, glowing objects--one is glowing orange and the other is glowing blue. Which one is hotter?
  • Find the relationship between the temperature and the wavelength at the peak of the curve.

System Requirements


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