Spring Simulation - Identifying Variables & Asking Questions

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Título Spring Simulation - Identifying Variables & Asking Questions
Descripción This simulation asks the students to identify different variables that affect the stretch of a spring (Hooke's Law) and the period of a bouncing spring. The objective of this lab is not necessarily to learn about springs. Rather, it is to have students work on their questioning skills and then experiment to answer those questions.
Asignatura Física
Nivel Educación secundaria
Tipo Lab
Duración 60 minutos
Respuestas incluidas No
Idioma Inglés
Palabras clave Masses and Springs
Simulacion(es) Laboratorio de Resortes y Masa

Autor(es) Jessica Mullins
Correo de contacto jmullins@jeffco.k12.co.us
Colegio / Organización Conifer High School
Enviado 12/03/07
Actualizado 18/09/07