Simple Series and Parallel Circuits Lab

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Tựa đề Simple Series and Parallel Circuits Lab
Mô tả This online lab was designed in Spring 2020 to supplement learning, since all lectures and labs were moved online. It could be used as a lab or a homework assignment or for remote learning. Some content from other contributors was used, but most of the material and the order is unique to my classroom. It guides students through series and parallel circuits
Chủ đề Vật lý
Cấp độ High School, Undergrad - Intro
Loại Homework, Học từ xa, Lab
Thời gian 120 phút
Bao gồm câu trả lời No
Ngôn ngữ Anh
Từ khoá circuit, current, parallel, resistance, series, voltage
Mô phỏng Bộ lắp ráp mạch điện: DC (HTML5)

Tác giả David Waters
Trường / Tổ chức St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Ngày đăng ký 14/04/2020
Ngày cập nhật 14/04/2020