Balloons and Static Electricity Золота зірка вказує на високоякісні розробки, які включають дослідницьку діяльність і супроводжуються поясненнями.

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Назва Balloons and Static Electricity
Опис Lesson Objectives: 1. Students will be able to understand that similarly charged particles (proton-proton and electron-electron) repel each other while oppositely charged particles (proton-electron) attract each other and how electrons are transferred between two atoms. 2. Students will be able to differentiate between electricity and static electricity. 3. Students will be able to distinguish between the properties, in relation to the spread out and transfer of charges between conductors and insulators. 4. Students will be able to plan an investigation with a partner using an electroscope and various samples of materials. **Note:** The scripted version includes additional teacher resources, such as, background content, common misconceptions and a vocabulary list. It also has all worksheets as editable content.
Предмет Хімія
Рівень Середні класи
Тип Лабораторні
Тривалість 60 хвилин
Відповіді включені Так
Мова English
Ключові слова conductors and insulators, electric charge, electroscope, static electricity
Симуляції Кульки і статична електрика (HTML5), Електризація та взаємодія зарядів

Автор(и) UTeach Middle School PhET Team
Школа/ Організація UTeach UT-Austin
Створено 26.03.12
Оновлено 27.05.15