Greased Lightning

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Назва Greased Lightning
Опис Purpose: To determine the likelihood of getting a "carpet shock" (based on controllable variables), and to avoid or produce such shocks under a series of challenging conditions. NOTE: Due to changes in the scientific model applied to the new HTML5 version of the sim, some of the exercises in "Greased Lightning" will not work in that version. I strongly recommend using the "classic" Java applet version of John Travoltage for "Greased Lightning". Classroom teachers using school email addresses can obtain the answer key. Send your request for "Greased Lightning Answer Key" to [email protected].
Предмет Фізика
Рівень Старші класи, Студенти - початківці
Тип Домашня робота, Лабораторні
Тривалість 30 хвилин
Відповіді включені Ні
Мова English
Ключові слова Conceptual Physics Tech Lab, conduction, electrostatics, phyz, triboelectricity
Симуляції Джон Травольтаж

Автор(и) Dean Baird, Paul G. Hewitt
Школа/ Організація Rio Americano High School
Створено 16.05.10
Оновлено 19.10.14