Projectile Motion Lab #2

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Назва Projectile Motion Lab #2
Опис Highly successful lab for our population, allowing students to explore concepts of projectile motion with respect to horizontal and vertical components of velocity and acceleration acting on one, gravity, or both, air resistence. Somewhat prescriptive but adaptable for other populations. Our school has multi-level science classes where all students are on an accelerated track to take high school science and math by 8th grade. Title 1 school, 53% FARMS, 13% ESOL, 11% SPED ~60% of students from multi-lingual homes. Actually took longer than 120 minutes for many of our students.
Предмет Математика, Фізика
Рівень Середні класи
Тип Лабораторні
Тривалість 120 хвилин
Відповіді включені Ні
Мова English
Ключові слова gravity, horizontal, vector, velocity, vertical
Симуляції Projectile Motion

Автор(и) Chris Cochran
Школа/ Організація Montgomery County Public Schools
Створено 08.08.07
Оновлено 09.12.08