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Нуклеарни распад

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Нуклеарни распад simulation


  • Фисија
  • Ланчана реакција
  • Атомска језгра

Sample Learning Goals

  • Describe how a neutron can give energy to a nucleus and cause it to fission.
  • Explain the byproducts of a fission event.
  • Explain how a chain reaction works, and describe the requirements for a sustained chain reaction large enough to make a bomb.
  • Explain how a nuclear reactor works and how control rods can be used to slow down the reaction.

System Requirements

Java via CheerpJ;

Java via CheerpJ simulations run in a browser on most devices.
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Download the java file using the download button.Java simulations run on most PC, Mac, and Linux systems.
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Version 3.27