Climate Change - Gas

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Наслов Climate Change - Gas
Опис Students encounter various authentic STEM resources, current to 2018, regarding the ways in which various greenhouse gases cause global warming, and how the greenhouse effect as a natural phenomenon has been altered significantly by humans. Students use this PhET as one of several exercises to build conceptual understandings. We recommend approx. 80 minutes for the entire activity, which has been classroom-tested and scientifically peer reviewed by NASA GISS scientists.
Субјект Наука о Земљи, Остало, Физика, Хемија
Ниво High School (Виша школа), Основне студије - Увод
Тип Discussion Prompts, Guided Activity, Лаб
Трајање 90 минута
Укључен одговор Не
Језик Енглески
Кључне речи Chemistry, Climate, Earth, Environment, Physics, STEM

Аутори: The EduChange Team
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