The "Lifelike" Moving Man: Variation in motion graphs

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Гарчиг The "Lifelike" Moving Man: Variation in motion graphs
Тайлбар This lesson was designed to help students interpret motion graphs from motion detector data (with more variation and error than the "ideal" graphs they had been analyzing). Learning goal: Students will be able to identify the following types of motion -- constant nonzero velocity, constant acceleration, not moving -- from graphs that are not smooth. This lesson will come at the end of the kinematics unit, so they should already be able to interpret smooth, error-free motion graphs.
Судлагдахуун Физик
Түвшин Ахлах анги
Төрөл Лаб
Үргэлжлэх хугацаа 30 минут
Багтаасан хариултууд Үгүй
Хэл Англи
Түлхүүр үгс Graphing
Загварчлал(ууд) Явж буй Хүн

Зохиогч(д) Karen King
Сургууль / Байгууллага Denver School of Science and Technology
Баталсан өдөр 8/7/06
Шинэчилсэн өдөр 4/28/15