Virtual Lab - Circuit Basics

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Otsikko Virtual Lab - Circuit Basics
Kuvaus Students start with basic circuit concepts: building a simple circuit, recording the current and testing the equation V=IR. Then they start building series and parallel circuits, and develop the rules for current and potential difference for each type. On an inquiry scale of 1-4, I'd put this at a 1 or 2: the instructions are fairly detailed and specific, because there are particular concepts that I wanted the students to come across as they work.
Aihe Fysiikka
Taso Lukio, Yläkoulu
Tyyppi Guided Activity, Laboratoriokoe
Kesto 60 minuuttia
Vastaukset mukana Ei
Kieli Englanti
Avainsanat Circuits, Current, DC, Electricity, Parallel, Resistance, Series, Voltage
Simulaatiot Piirirakennussarja (vain DC) (HTML5)

Tekijät Jeremy smith
Koulu / organisaatio Hereford High School
Lähetetty 1.3.2018
Päivitetty 1.3.2018