Moving Man Multiple Representations

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Titel Moving Man Multiple Representations
Beschreibung This activity covers position vs. time and velocity vs. time graphs for constant velocity. Students are given one representation of the motion and are asked to provide several others, including verbal, graphical, and diagrammatical. Students also calculate average speed and average velocity.
Thema Physik
Niveau Sekundarstufe II
Typ Hausaufgabe, Praktikum
Dauer 60 Minuten
Antwort enthalten Nein
Sprache Englisch
Stichworte average velocity, displacement, position, velocity
Simulation(en) Der bewegte Mann

Autoren Aaron Ellis
Schule / Organisation Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
Eingereicht am 19.09.16
Aktualisiert am 19.09.16