Spectra of Light

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主題 Spectra of Light
說明 This lab is used in an astronomy unit while studying stellar specta. It is meant to help students understand how light is created, why light is different colors and how this is related to the different spectra for different elements. This will eventually be related to what we can determine about a star based on its spectral lines.
科目 太空
程度 高中
類型 實驗室
時間 60 分鐘
語言 英語
關鍵字 light, spectrum
模擬教學 Neon Lights & Other Discharge Lamps 氖氣燈和其它氣體放電燈

作者 Adrian Carmichael
學校 / 機構 Cherrry Creek High School
提交日期 2008/4/7
更新日期 2008/4/7