Simple Inquiry-based Build an Atom Simulation Student worksheet

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Başlık Simple Inquiry-based Build an Atom Simulation Student worksheet
Açıklama This is a simple, inquiry-based activity using the PhET Build an Atom simulation. The objective is: I can use a computer simulation to develop a model of atomic structure. This activity was created for a combined 8th-grade physical science and technology class on a remote-learning day to be taught using a Zoom meeting. The students have already learned about elements and the periodic table and that all elements are made up of atoms. They have learned that atoms themselves are made up of even smaller particles, but not what these subatomic particles are. This is their first introduction to the concept of subatomic particles and the structure of an atom.
Ders Biyoloji, Kimya
Seviye Ortaokul
Tür Laboratuvar, Tartışma İstemleri, Uzaktan Öğrenme
Süre 30 dakika
Dahil Edilen Yanıtlar Hayır
Dil İngilizce
Anahtar Kelimeler atomic structure, atoms, electrons, matter, neutrons, periodic table, protons, subatomic particles
Simülasyon(lar) Atom Oluştur (HTML5)

Yazar(lar) Ayse Adams
Okul / Kurum Grace Academy Hartford
Gönderildiği tarih 04.10.2021
Güncellendiği tarih 04.10.2021