Unit Rate as Slope

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Наслов Unit Rate as Slope
Опис This lesson is to be used after students have seen y= rules graphed on the coordinate plane and have discussed the two key features of a linear graph: slope and y-intercept. Students will work in groups to model different real-world proportional relationships and examine the ratio of parts to determine unit rate. Students will interpret the slope of the graph as the unit rate and describe key features of the proportional relationships as features of the related graph.
Субјект Математика
Ниво High School (Виша школа), Middle School (Средња школа)
Тип Guided Activity, остало
Трајање 60 минута
Укључен одговор Да
Језик Енглески
Кључне речи direct variation, graph, linear, proportion, slope, unit rate, y-intercept
Симулације Игралиште пропорције (HTML5)

Аутори: Cary Hoste
Школа / Организација Casey Middle School
Послато 1.8.17.
Обновљено 1.8.17.