Building Atomic Models

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Názov Building Atomic Models
Popis This lesson uses PocketLab Notebook software to deliver lessons to students with the simulation embedded. In this lesson, students will use a PhET simulation to build several different molecules out of common elements, observe molecular structure including different types and numbers of bonds, and discover and construct an explanation about how molecules are structured
Predmet Chémia, Fyzika
Úroveň ZŠ druhý stupeň
Typ Domáca úloha, Laboratórne cvičenie, Remote Learning, Sprievodné aktivity
Trvanie 60 min
Vrátane odpovedí Yes
Jazyk Angličtina
Kľúčové slová atoms, molecules, notebook, pocketlab
Simulácia Stavba molekúl (HTML5), Vytvor molekulu

Autor(i) PocketLab
Škola / Organizácia PocketLab
Dátum odoslania 22.6.2021
Dátum aktualizácie 22.6.2021