Matching Fractions

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Názov Matching Fractions
Popis This lesson serves as either an introduction to part to whole fraction models or an intervention activity in later grades. More difficult levels of the activity extend to equivalent fraction practice. For example, students may be asked to match 22/18 to equivalent models. Students will informally experiment with matching fractions in both proper and improper form, pie chart models, and bar chart diagrams. Students will confirm their answers using the PhET simulation. This lesson plan uses the PhET Fractions Activity. Materials are included in both .docx and .pdf files. If available, teachers may find the most success uploading the .docx files to Google Drive, converting the files to Google Docs, and sharing with classes via a Google Classroom type platform to allow students access to electronic worksheets.
Predmet Matematika
Úroveň K-5, ZŠ druhý stupeň
Typ Sprievodné aktivity
Trvanie 90 min
Vrátane odpovedí Nie
Jazyk Angličtina
Kľúčové slová 6th grade, fraction models, fractions
Simulácia Zlomky - hra

Autor(i) Bethany Konz
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Škola / Organizácia BVSD
Dátum odoslania 28.6.2017
Dátum aktualizácie 28.6.2017