Density-introduction O steluță de aur indică activități de înaltă calitate, bazate pe investigație, care respectă orientările de proiectare PhET.

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Titlul Density-introduction
Descriere This is an activity that was designed as part of a collaborative project with middle school teachers at Uplift Education in Dallas, Texas. It could be used in a physical science, physics, or chemistry course depending on the student population. One of the files is a pre-lab with real equipment written by Christine Denison. The teacher notes includes some of Christine’s thoughts about how the activity went and possible changes. We may re-post this lesson before the next school year.
Disciplina Chimie, Fizică
Nivel Gimnaziu, Liceu
Tip Demonstrație, Laborator, Întrebări conceptuale
Răspunsuri incluse Nu
Limba Engleză
Cuvinte cheie bouyancy, density, displacement, fluids, intensive, mass, properties, volume
Simulare(i) Densitate

Autor(i) Katherine Perkins, Christine Denison
Școală / Organizație PhET
Data transmiterii 19.10.2010
Data actualizării 19.05.2015