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Projectile Motion

Projectile Motion simulation


  • Cinemática
  • Resistência do Ar
  • Curva Parabólica
  • Vetores
  • Força de Arrasto
  • Movimento de Projéteis

Sample Learning Goals

  • Determine how each parameter (initial height, initial angle, initial speed, mass, diameter, and altitude) affects the trajectory of an object, with and without air resistance.
  • Predict how varying the initial conditions will affect a projectile’s path, and provide an explanation for the prediction.
  • Estimate where an object will land, given its initial conditions.
  • Determine that the x and y motion of a projectile are independent.
  • Investigate the variables that affect the drag force.
  • Describe the the effect that the drag force has on the velocity and acceleration.
  • Discuss projectile motion using common vocabulary (such as: launch angle, initial speed, initial height, range, time).

Standards Alignment

Common Core - Math

  • HSF-LE.B.5

System Requirements


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Versão 1.0.17