Masses and Springs: Basics

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  • Måling
  • Periodisk rørsle
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Hang masses from springs and discover how they stretch and oscillate. Compare two mass-spring systems, and experiment with spring constant. Transport the lab to different planets, slow down time, and observe the velocity and acceleration throughout the oscillation.

Døme på læringsmål

  • Describe the natural length and equilibrium position in your own words.
  • Find the relationship between the mass, spring strength (spring constant), and stretch (displacement).
  • Design an experiment to determine the mass of a mystery object
  • Develop a method to measure the period.
  • Determine the factors which affect the period of oscillation.
  • Compare the gravity on Planet X to known benchmarks.
  • Describe the relationship between the velocity and acceleration vectors, and their relationship to motion, at various points in the oscillation.
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Teacher Tips

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