Natural Selection

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Гарчиг Natural Selection
Тайлбар This lesson uses PocketLab Notebook software to deliver lessons to students with the simulation embedded. In this activity, students will be able to: Determine which mutations are favored by the selection agents of predators and food variety and which mutations are neutral. Describe which traits change the survivability of an organism in different environments. Make predictions about adaptations and environments that produce a stable population of rabbits, a population that dies out, and a population that takes over the world.
Судлагдахуун Биологи
Түвшин Ахлах анги, Бага анги, Дунд анги
Төрөл Remote Learning, Гэрийн даалгавар, Лаб, Удирдамжтай үйл ажиллагаа
Үргэлжлэх хугацаа 60 минут
Багтаасан хариултууд Үгүй
Хэл Англи
Түлхүүр үгс genetics, natural selection, notebook, pocketlab, traits
Загварчлал(ууд) Natural Selection (HTML5), Байгалийн Селекци

Зохиогч(д) PocketLab
Харилцах Имэйл
Сургууль / Байгууллага PocketLab
Баталсан өдөр 6/24/21
Шинэчилсэн өдөр 6/24/21