circuits in parallel and in series

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Гарчиг circuits in parallel and in series
Тайлбар In the first activity students explore the properties of circuits in series and in parallel made with identical light bulbs. They do this by using the Phet Circuit simulation. The second activity is hands-on and leads the students through setting up circuits in parallel and in series with resistors of two different values. Voltages and currents are measured in various parts to develop a general model for circuits in parallel and in series. The simulation activity takes about 1.5 and the hands-on about 2.0 hours.
Судлагдахуун Физик
Түвшин Төгсөгчид - Дотор
Төрөл Лаб
Үргэлжлэх хугацаа 30 минут
Багтаасан хариултууд Үгүй
Хэл Англи
Түлхүүр үгс Circuits, Electricity
Загварчлал(ууд) Зөвхөн тогтмол цахилгаан хэлхээ угсрах иж бүрдэл

Зохиогч(д) Beta Keramati
Сургууль / Байгууллага University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Баталсан өдөр 5/16/07
Шинэчилсэн өдөр 5/16/07