Хүртээмж ба PhET

Хүртээмж ба PhET

PhET төслөөр загварчлалд хүртээмжит байдлыг нэмэгдүүлэх нь хамгийн хүнд ажил байдаг. Манай судалгаа, дизайн, хөгжлийн талаар илүү ихийг олж мэдэх, доорхи загваруудыг авах боломжтой.


Бүх суралцагчид шинжлэх ухааны туршлагатай байдаггүй.

Students with disabilities can miss out on opportunities for authentic science and mathematics experiences due to a lack of accessible STEM resources. We believe this is a solvable problem.

Through inclusive design approaches, we are creating accessible interactive simulations that allow students to experience science and mathematical practices in new ways. In the process, we are tackling core challenges in software development, assistive technology, and science education.

Our accessible simulations include: verbal descriptions and feedback, the use of sound and music to represent foundational science and mathematics relationships, and alternative navigation that moves beyond mouse or touch inputs. We are creating research-based, accessible STEM education resources to ensure that all students can experience the benefits of PhET Interactive Simulations.

A student in a high school classroom exploring a simulation and discussing her observations with the others in her group.