Planning to Use PhET

Teachers and Students Speak:

A look at the PhET simulations and their uses in college and K-12.

Teacher Tips

Goals for Teachers and Students. A two-page summary of the PhET's goals for students and teachers as they engage in sim-based teaching and learning.

Using PhET Interactive Simulations in Lecture. A two-page overview of uses of PhET simulations in lecture settings.

Using PhET InteractiveSimulations in Homework. A two-page overview of writing effective inquiry-style homework problemsusing PhET interactive simulations, for college or K-12.

Writing Learning Goals. Tips on writing clear learning objectives for your students.

How do I use PhET simulations in my physics class? Tips on how PhET simulations can be integrated into a course, using college physics as an example.

What are some tips for using PhET in a lab setting? Using PhET in a lab setting has many benefits, such as allowing new possibilities for experiments (such as quantum mechanics), quick repeatability, and making visible the underlying mechanisms.

What are some tips for using PhET with homework? PhET simulations are ideal for use in homework because the simulations are designed to cue students to explore cause-and-effect relationships, even without an instructor present.


Examples: Integrating PhET with your Course or Grade Level

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